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The great thing about technology is that it does keep changing. Bill & Taylor are constantly updating the equipment and techniques used to deliver unparalleled service and eyecare.

Instrument technology

When you have an eye examination at Bill & Taylor you will be getting more than just an "eye test".With the advent of computers we have upgraded our instrumentation to make the most of new instrumentation.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of optical technology.
This is for several reasons:

  • Firstly it gives you the patient access to the very best eye-care.
  • Secondly It enables our optometrist to have more information regarding your eyes on which to base their decisions regarding your immediate and ongoing eye-care.
  • As with all technologies it is the knowledge and expertise of the operators to interprete the results that makes all the difference.
  • And finally but most importantly it saves sight. Your sight!


Spectacle technology

Spectacles are not new. They have been around in various forms for several hundred years. In the past the frames have been made out of a variety of, mainly natural, materials such as horn, wood, tortoiseshell, silver and gold. The first lenses were made from natural crystal and then later were made of ground glass.

Today's technology enables us to provide much more sophisticated eyewear that has wonderful optical qualities and is comfortable to wear. Frames are now made from various materials. Metal frames can be made from Titanium, an extremely strong metal that is durable and keeps it's looks well for years. It is also one of the lightest metals and can be used for the mounts and sides that make up the very lightest option in spectacle wear. Titanium is also hypo-allergenic as is Stainless steel. Stainless steel makes a very strong frame, not quite as light as titanium but it is generally a little cheaper. Budget metal frames are usually made from a nickel alloy. If you have any allergies always let your optician know and they can the guide you to the best option. Plastic frames come in a variety of bright bold colours which make a statement, these also can be hypo-allergenic.


Contact lens technology

Technology has improved the quality and comfort of contact lenses greatly over the past few years.

Most prescriptions can be made in contact lenses nowadays and a lot of our patients are taking advantage of this for sport or social wear. We provide a comprehensive contact lens fitting service and our independence allows us to choose the best lenses for your individual needs.

Daily, monthly disposable or coloured lenses are available as part of our contact lens care plan. These can be single vision, toric (for patients with astigmatism) or varifocal lenses.

Our care plan is designed to give you the best contact lenses for your needs combined with a convenient and affordable way of paying.


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