The invisible aid for vision

Contact Lenses

Photograph of contact lens on finger tip

Technology has improved the quality and comfort of contact lenses greatly over the past few years.


Most prescriptions can be made in contact lenses nowadays and a lot of our patients are taking advantage of this for sport or social wear.

Daily, monthly disposable or coloured lenses are available as part of our contact lens care plan. These can be single vision, toric (for patients with astigmatism) or varifocal lenses.

Our care plan is designed to give you the best contact lenses for your needs combined with a convenient and affordable way of paying.

Ascend to a new level in comfort
Ascend contact lenses are designed to provide you with a comfortable wearing experience all day long – allowing you to live your life almost as if you didn’t need vision correction al all.

Ascend contact lenses are available in daily disposable, monthly disposable, toric contact lenses specially designed for astigmatism and now also in silicon multifocal, meaning that anyone should be able to wear Ascend contact lenses.

  • If you join our Complete Care Plan not only will you discover the benefits of Contact lenses you will also be entitled to;
  • A constant supply of your chosen lenses.
  • Contact lens cleaning solutions if required.
  • FREE replacement for damaged disposable ‘’soft’’ lenses or a 1/3rd discount for gas permeable lenses.
  • All regular after care and any unscheduled visits.
  • Eye examination once every two years.
  • Contact lens prices start from just £12 per month excluding solutions.

Come and talk to us and discover the benefits of contact lenses.

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