Eye Health

Photograph of man with tired eyes

Checking the health of your eyes is important not only for your vision but for more general conditions such as blood pressure and diabeties.

The Examination

Any deterioration in eyesight can be gradual so it sometimes can go unnoticed. That is why a regular examination is so important as we can monitor these changes and point out the ones which are not normal. We recommend eye examinations at regular intervals from 6 months to 2 yrs depending on your age and general health etc.


Children‘s Eye-Care

We recommend that all children have regular eye-examinations from an early age. It is vital to their development that they have good clear sight. We are happy to see children under 3 years of age especially if there are eye problems in the family.


Retinal Photography

As an additional service Bill & Taylor offer a revolutionary new retinal screening technology in selected practices.


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