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Children's Eye-Care

Photograph of child having eye examination

We recommend that all children have regular eye-examinations from an early age. It is vital to their development that they have good clear sight. We are happy to see children under 3 years of age especially if there are eye problems in the family. If you leave it too late then your child's eyesight maybe damaged for the rest of their lives. The examination is free on the National Health.

Children do not have to be able to read letters as most of the examination can be done by the optometrist using special lights and techniques suited to the child's ability.

For a child there is nothing scary about having an eye examination. If glasses are needed then they are very cool, much funkier than they used to be. Good quality plastic and metal frames perhaps with flexible hinges are a good idea. Lenses that are safe and don't shatter.

  • Colorimetry
  • Does your child have difficulty with reading or avoids looking at books.
  • Difficulty following text along a line
  • Words blur
  • Text jumps

If yes to any of the above then they may be suffering from visual stress due to a disturbance in the link between the eye and brain. Visual stress is worse after prolonged periods of time and will lead to reduced concentration.

3 ways to keep your child's eyes healthy

Take breaks from computer screen typically 2 minutes in every 20mins. Positioning of screen is important for visual and physical comfort.

Sunlight is something that most of us enjoy but we are becoming more aware that certain elements of sunlight can be harmful if we are overexposed to them. Particularly Ultra Violet radiation which is the "unseen" part. U.V. radiation will be present even on a cloudy day as it penetrates the earths atmosphere and cloud cover. It is wise to take suitable precautions with the eyes and this can be sunglasses and/or a peaked hat.

Nutrition is basic to healthy living and therefore healthy eye sight. A good balanced diet with particularly green and coloured vegetables is recommended.

Nutrition and the eye

Starting in childhood good nutrition is essential for our general wellbeing. Our eyes and eyesight need certain vitamins and nutrients. Typically vitamins A C and E. Also there are colourants.

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