Regular examinations do save sight.

The Examination

Photograph of ladies eye

Any deterioration in eyesight can be gradual so it sometime can go unnoticed. That is why a regular examination is so important as we can monitor these changes and point out the ones which are not normal. We recommend eye examinations at regular intervals from 6 months to 2 yrs depending on your age and general health etc.

All our fully qualified optometrists are experts in detecting early and sometimes quite subtle changes in your eye's condition. At every examination we examine not only your sight but your external eyes, the way the eyes work together, your internal eye. This forms part of your overall health check.

Further examinations are recommended in certain circumstances such as Humphrey visual fields, which examines your peripheral vision, retinal imaging, retinal nerve fiber analysis.

Sometimes we may use an eye-drop to help look at various aspects of the eye this will make your pupils bigger and enable your optometrist to obtain a better view of your internal eye.

We like to know what medication you are on as your eyes can reflect all sorts of more general health conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and many others.

You may be entitled to a free NHS exam see below.

NHS Information

Children in education under nineteen and those over sixty are exempt from the examination charge.

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